Eugene Garden Club

Eugene Garden Club

October 17  Regular EGC Meeting

"Environmental Stewards for Oregon Pollinators"

Sarah Kincaid, Entomologist for OSU Dept. of Agriculture.

The Oregon Bee Project is a collaborative project of the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture and Oregon State University.  Together these agencies are launching several initiatives designed to increase pollinator habitat, safeguard pollinators against pesticide exposure, and increase general awareness about Oregon bees.  Sarah Kincaid, an entomologist, is a coordinator or this project from the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture.

The program begins at 1pm at the clubhouse, 1645 High St, Eugene. 

No charge.

The Eugene Garden Club welcomes everyone who wants to learn and share information about all things gardening.

 A pot lunch begins at 11:30 followed by a short meeting.  Welcome!